The sustainable logistic concept

RYTLE's logistics solution includes the components:

MovR - professional e-cargo bike

Box - Removable transport container

Hub - microdepot (ground-level swap)

App - Networking MovR, Box, Hub, Customer, Dispatcher & Driver


How this works in practice can be seen here:


The MovR is a professional e-cargo bike with charging attachment. It ensures a fast and safe movement in the courier network and can be ranked in a confined space. By virtue of a special frame construction, the driver also is able to get off easy from the bike and is protected against the weather. The MovR is virtually free of pollutants and there is no driver license required.


The removable transport container is packed by the logistics service provider with parcels and other general cargo and represents the link between Hub and MovR. The MovR-driver picks up the Box with its contents for delivery and transports them quickly and ecologically on the last mile.


The hub is characterized as a mobile depot with small space requirements and can be integrated in the cityscape as well as economically and ecologically. Due to the innovative design, the HUBs designed by Rytle take less space. The hub is lowered by means of hydraulic supports and provides easier access to the shipments. Hubs can be set up as needed and integrate seamlessly into the Rytle system. This optionally consists of one hub each with nine pre-assembled boxes.


The digital information system, despite a volatile and hard-to-plan human resources base, must enable effective fulfillment of transport needs. The Rytle system already has an corresponding app software.

The app offers integrated track & trace software, locking options for MovR, BOX and HUB, optimized route planning for last-mile service providers and the option of networking crowd-workers as well as end users and other application areas.