About the industry

The port of Bremerhaven is the seaport of the State of Bremen and has national importance for Germany; in addition, it hosts the major research institution Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research; the German Maritime Museum - a federal institution of the “Blue List” – is located here, and last but not least, it is home of the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences with various sea-and transport-oriented programs.

The majority of Germany’s sea food is still delivered and processed in Bremerhaven. Here, Germany's largest fishing port and a leading center of the food industry is located. Furthermore, Bremerhaven is Europe's most important site for the handling, industrial processing and distribution of European automobiles.

Next to the car industry also sea cargo distribution and logistics play a central role in Bremerhaven’s economy. Bremerhaven has one of the most important container terminals of the continent. With all these facilities Bremerhaven is logistic oriented - not only emotionally, but also through its economic and research activities. The State of Bremen has declared logistics its most important economic activity.