Fields of professional activity of graduates / Career opportunities

The provision of technical and methodological skills, specialized knowledge, development and problem-solving skills, coupled with concrete, real-life examples, qualifies graduates to become qualified and to some extent specialized professionals in the upper management segment. The student gains the ability to perform tasks in responsible senior positions, among others in the areas of management, development, application or distribution.

So far, the first master students have successfully completed the study program LEM. All students after the analysis of the job market, searched for the job that met their training - and found it.

The Master program is to qualify mainly in conceptual, planning activities; it is suitable to educate students in many areas of logistics (consulting, logistics planning, logistics management, etc.). Particular strengths of the program were reported by many graduates.

Another goal of the Master program is to qualify graduates for application-oriented research and the ability to be Ph.D.-student. The effective design of the "supply chain" requires not only new ways of thinking but also ways and methods to be established by highly trained scientists. Therefore the students are also instructed in the methods of scientific work.