Course structure

The Master course is designed to take four terms. In two modules (Basic Business Operations in SMEs 1 and 2), students acquire skills in areas of business administration at general management level in order to be in a position to make decisions on strategy, structures, systems and responsibilities. The focus on international issues and the concentration on small and medium-sized enterprises play a particularly important role here. Key aspects of change are dealt with in the modules “Structural Change and Adjustment”, “Entrepreneurship” and “Communication and Integration”. In addition to general themes, concrete applications and in-depth study of other topics are offered by way of example: Tourism/Services, Food Industry or Technology. This know-how can be used in similarly structured sectors. Particular emphasis is placed on the teaching of key competencies. These soft skills are of major significance for a qualified management function in small and medium-sized enterprises.
The third term takes place exclusively in English. The fourth term centres on the Master Thesis.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Betriebliche Grundfunktionen in KMU1

Betriebliche Grundfunktionen in KMU3

Change Management Anwendungsfeld 3


Betriebliche Grundfunktionen in KMU2

Change Management Anwendungsfeld 1

Communication and Integration


Competence Building in Change Management 1

Change Management Anwendungsfeld 2

Cultural Studies


Betriebliche Informations- und Steuerungssysteme

Competence Building in Change Management 2

Information Systems and E-Commerce


Structural Change and Adjustment

Customer Relationship Management

Quality and Environment




Elective 2