Employment opportunities for graduates

Most business administration courses are oriented to the needs of large enterprises, although small and medium-sized companies offer far larger employment potential. In many cases, considerably more jobs are created in small and medium-sized firms than in large enterprises, not just in terms of absolute numbers but also as a percentage. The Master course targets this employment potential and growth rate whereby Change Management is a core topic since it fundamentally affects almost all small and medium-sized enterprises. The Master course graduate is a generalist who, in addition to his broad business administration know-how, also brings with him specific skills in Change Management. In particular the necessity to drive structural change forward will lead to a further demand for young, qualified management personnel in small and medium-sized businesses in many regions. In addition, there are also opportunities to take over the management of existing businesses - as successor- as an alternative to setting up one’s own company.
The prospects resulting from studying at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences apply not just to a professional career in Germany but are also relevant to the international employment market.