International focus

Internationalisation is an essential dimension of the “Change Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” Master course. This international focus is reflected in course units with a specific international orientation. At the same time, the international aspects of each topic in question are – so far as they are relevant – handled in all course components.
Internationalisation also means that students are encouraged to participate in an international exchange. This is possible, for example, in the framework of a term spent abroad. Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences co-operates, for example, with the International School of Economics in Rotterdam (Netherlands), with the Mikkeli Institute of Business Studies in Mikkeli (Finland), with the Universidad de Vigo (Spain), with the Napier University Business School in Edinburgh (Great Britain), Danzig University (Akademia Morska Gdynia, Poland) and with the Université du Havre (France).