Medical Engineering

From implantation to computed tomography – medical technical products and achievements can improve, prolong and also rescue lives of patients. The rapid progress made in medical technology has been enabling better diagnostics and treatment of diseases as well as a dignified aging. Employing currently 170 000 employees, medical technology belongs to one of the most innovative and strongest growing sectors in germany. As an engine of the future of the healthcare industry, it receives massive support from politics and authorities.

Based on these developments and potentials the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven has introduced the Master’s programme Medical engineering. The distinguishing uniqueness of the study course is the well-established network with scientific institutes in the federal state of Bremen. In cooperation with the University Bremen, the Fraunhofer-Institutes for production engineering and applied material research IFAM, Fraunhofer MEVIS and with the involvement of APOLLON University of Healthcare Industry and lots of other regional partners the university by the sea offers an education, in which interdisciplinary knowledge of different activity fields can be optimally introduced and learned. After the first university degree, particular talented and interested students learn in the Master’s programme further about scientific concepts, methods and technologies to solve medically related problems with the consideration of economic aspects. The uniqueness of the Master’s education is a process-orientation. It builds not only the foundation of the engineering oriented specializations such as medical apparatus engineering, bio-signal acquisition, medical processes and bio-materials, medical signal processing and visualization, but also the foundation for economic oriented specialization of the healthcare industry. The concept of process, which is gaining more importance in scientific discussions, is dealt with particularly at the theoretical level.

A further feature of the Master’s programme is the combination of the face-to-face teaching and teleeducation as well as the integration of brand new teaching methods which have been extra developed for the study course.

After four semesters of study the students become qualified scientific oriented engineers, who possess the competence to independently solve problems in the interdisciplinary field of engineering, medicine and economy. Whether in medical technological companies, in clinics, in service companies for medical applications and information technology or in national and international research and development institutes, the students have equally excellent career prospects.