Course structure

The Medical Engineering Bachelor Degree Course lasts six terms. It is an inter-university course run by Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences in co-operation with APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft GmbH Bremen (a university for the healthcare sector) and with external experts. In addition to the technical subjects of Medical Apparatus Engineering, Engineering in Medicine and Medical Informatics, it also encompasses the field of Healthcare and thus takes into account a requirement of the industry itself.
The course is structured in areas of specialisation! The Bachelor qualification entitles graduates to undertake a subsequent Master degree course which is possible either directly after the first degree or else after a certain period of time in a profession. An application-oriented Master degree course in ”Medical Engineering” is offered for Medical Engineering graduates. A Master degree course at another university or other higher education institution at home or abroad is naturally also possible.
The course is structured in seven areas of specialisation:

  • Principles of Engineering Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Medical Informatics
  • Engineering in Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Key Interdisciplinary Qualifications
  • Medical Engineering