Partnerships: Medical Engineering Networks

Study in a network of competence and contacts! Networking and close co-operation with scientific and research-oriented institutions, as well as with the healthcare sector, play an important role in the Bachelor course. The very positive experience gained to date from our co-operation with external experts and institutions, as well as the development of the new Bachelor/ Master programme, are the reasons behind the further development of the existing Medical Engineering Network with its close and binding co-operation – both in terms of content and organisation – with external institutions. Services offered by network partners have been firmly anchored in the teaching curriculum, whereby co-operation with doctors and medical institutions are particularly significant. In conclusion, the following should be emphasised: The Bachelor course is implemented in a scientific network which bundles a wide variety of competencies. Close co-operation is maintained with other public and private universities and research institutions in the Federal State of Bremen, with those doctors or medical institutions affiliated in a working group, as well as with enterprises from the medical engineering sector. The main features are application-oriented scientific research and development, the introduction of various forms of teaching as well as the integration of the course programme in a regional context with the creation of specific regional competence.