Practical training

According to the Schiffsoffizierausbildungsverordnung (SchOffzAusbVO - Ship Officer Training Directive), at least 18 months’ practical training are compulsory for the Technical Watch Officer Licence, of which at least 12 months’ must be spent on board seagoing vessels on machine duty. This requirement can be fulfilled by

  • six months’ basic practical training in metals and 12 months’ practicaltraining at sea which are integrated into the course in the form of two practical terms
  • an 18-month training course leading to a qualification as
  • Engineer Cadet
  • a professional qualification as Ship’s Mechanic.

The basic practical training in metals must be completed before beginning the course. The practical training is waived for applicants holding a qualification in a recognised metal or electrical profession. Further information about the practical training can be obtained from Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences.