Sustainable Energy Technology and Environmental Technology

How to make sea water drinkable? How to produce gasoline when the crude oil runs out? How to produce energy from biomass without using foodstuffs?

Answers to these urgent questions can be found in process technology. It develops processes to convert substances to usable intermediate and finished products by chemical, physical or biological means. These products can be ready-to-use energy, purified water or clean air. Given the global warming, environmental pollution and dwindling resources the sector is now faced with great challenges which can only be solved by highly qualified engineers. 

The international oriented Bachelor’s programme Sustainable energy technology and environmental technology aims at this demand. In the practice-oriented study the students learn to develop modern production processes, to protect the environment and resources and to secure the supply as well - especially with regard to safeguarding energy and water. The students will enter into a broad interdisciplinary knowledge dimension of engineering and natural sciences. 

In this way the students acquire in the first semesters not only knowledge of engineering sciences such as machinery, electrical engineering and information technology, but also knowledge of natural sciences such as chemistry, physics and biology. Based on this the students learn in the following semesters in-depth knowledge in subjects such as flux science, heat exchange or control engineering.

At the main study stage the students can choose between the specialization focusing on water and environment and the specialization focusing on energy and process technology. 

Some courses are taught in English, and due to the flexible examination regulation it is possible and also promoted to have a semester abroad without prolonging the period of study. Thanks to the wellequipped laboratories and institutes, our prospective engineers have the possibility to deepen their theoretical of the students and help them to establish contacts with companies in the sector. 

Graduates of the Bachelor’s programme are engineers in terms of Engineer Laws of German Federal States. They have access to interesting positions like project engineer, in technological management or as freelance engineer. The gradutheoretical knowledge in practice. 

The internship semester and the Bachelor’s thesis which are usually completed in cooperation with an industrial company can enhance the existing skills graduates can take on important tasks wherever when it comes to efficient and environmental production or supply for the human being - the tasks range from project planning and equipment operation to activities in research and development.

Anyone who is willing to enhance his qualifications before he starts to work can also continue his study in the Master’s programme process engineering and energy technology or infrastructure Management and public private partnership.