Childcare Service "Studienplätzchen"

Store, doll’s house and lots of colourful balls - children of students and employees can play around in the “Studienplätzchen” of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven. While mom and dad are working in the office or attending a lecture, the child day care personnel take care of the toddlers.

Up to ten kids can find a place to play and laugh in the childcare service run by the Association “StudienPlätzchen e.V.”. The children are looked after by the hour and the number of hours per week should not exceed twelve hours. It is usually open in the morning from 8:00 to 12:00. In the afternoon, it is possible to arrange self-organized childcare. By setting up the childcare service on campus, the university and the association which was brought into being in 2008 by employees and students have realized an important measure to balance profession and family. Many hands helped to turn the former superintendent apartment in the Building C, which includes a garden, into a playing paradise. In addition to the in-house childcare service, StudienPlätzchen also has three day-care places in a kindergarten near the university. Although the parents have to pay for  themselves, it is possible for two children to share one place. Furthermore, the university and the StudienPlätzchen e.V. work constantly on other family-friendly offers to enable the balance between the laboratory and the sandbox. The membership of the association and the childcare service are also open to the public.