Family-friendly higher education audit

It is not always simple to balance family and study. However, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven helps with that: it has developed a range of measures to make the working and learning conditions at the university family-friendly. For this commitment the university was officially certificated by “berufundfamilie GmbH” with the quality seal “Familyfriendly Higher Education Audit” in May 2008, and it has been re-audited in August 2011.

By offering “StudienPlätzchen”, the university has set up childcare service on campus for children of students and employees. The “StudienPlätzchen” is not only a meeting point for children, but also for parents. For parents and parents-to-be the university has established a family portal. People who are interested can find information about childcare facilities, parent subsidies, events and leisure activities in the city and in the region. Moreover, the university strives to encourage the family awareness when organizing meetings, events and study. Committee work has been arranged in the morning to allow the participation of students and employees with family responsibilities.

For all university members the compatibility of study, profession and family should be a matter of course. The objective of the re-auditing is to integrate this concept into the university culture and to strengthen the internal communication of this topic. In the re-auditing it should be clarified that employees and students should be treated thoughtfully in order to keep the performance of the university, enhance the education quality as well as improve the satisfaction of employees and students.