10 Reasons to Choose Hochschule Bremerhaven

View over the city of Bremerhaven

Maritime flair

Bremerhaven is a globally renowned harbour city. Whether as a port for goods from all over the world or its legacy as a port of emigration. In the seaside town you can feel and experience the maritime flair on a daily basis.




Two students and a professor working on a computer

Small and familiar

The campus size and number of students is small enough to feel familiar, interactions are very informal and you are much more than a mere matriculation number.




Flying seagull

Close to the dyke

In the south of Germany there is the echo of the mountains, in the east you can smell the forests, in the west you can watch the cows grazing and here in the north you can hear the seagulls screeching during a lecture.




Close up of various flags


Our International Office offers various services to support you during your stay abroad, but also during your time on site. Whether social or academic matters, you are not alone. In addition, there are regular fun activities to connect international and local students.




Students at the dike

Fresh air

Bremerhaven features lots of fresh air for fresh ideas. From a slight breeze at the dyke to provide you with oxygen or stormy gusts of wind to clear your mind before your next exam.



Two students with test tubes in the laboratory

Modern and future-oriented

Research and teaching is important to us. We have modern laboratories and lecturers whose expertise is also in demand in the international research landscape and in business. They are happy to pass on their experience, knowledge and insights to you for your professional future.



Many small ships in the new port in Bremerhaven

Sea and harbour

Here you can be the captain, take the wheel and set the course for yourself. Whether it is studying in a maritime atmosphere or actually getting your sport boat license here.




Students on a boat

Practical orientation

Invest in your future with a career-oriented and practical degree program. Close cooperation with globally renowned companies makes this possible for you.



Row of houses


Find a suitable and affordable apartment for students in Bremerhaven without difficulty. If you cannot find what you are looking for, also check out the student dorms and shared apartments nearby.




Marina and the AWI building

Job opportunities

If you wish to stay in Bremerhaven after your studies, our partners in research and the economy offer you great opportunities to start your career.