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The new brand identity of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences receives international Red Dot Communication Award 2023


Combination of strategy  and design convinces jury

The international education landscape is changing rapidly. An almost unmanageable number of educational offers compete for the attention and trust of school leavers and prospective students, but also for potential employees in teaching, research and administration. In order to increase its visibility, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, together with the Hamburg branding agency EIGA, introduced a new, modern brand design last year. This has now been honoured by an international jury of the Red Dot Awards with an award in the category "Communication Design".

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions worldwide. It is held once a year. The Red Dot Label has established itself internationally as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design. "This label makes it clear that the university is committed to the quality of the common identity of all involved staff from teaching, research and administration as well as the students, far beyond its core tasks in teaching and research," says Elisabeth Plass, ECD at EIGA Design and member of the Executive Board of the Art Directors Club Germany (ADC).

"Universities are challenged to position themselves clearly in the modern educational landscape. They must clearly emphasise their individuality and impact. As a campus of short distances, we have a lot to offer. EIGA has accompanied us with a great deal of expertise, but also pragmatism, on the path to sharpening our common strengths and goals and making Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences visible and tangible as a brand - both internally and externally," says Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexis Papathanassis, Rector of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences.

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences already initiated a comprehensive mission statement process in 2020. Building on this, it continued the identity process in 2021, still under the conditions of the pandemic, with the support of the Hamburg branding agency EIGA. 

"Establishing an education brand and developing it successfully in a highly competitive market means taking a clear, but above all credible position. It also means fostering community and exchange among those involved," says Henning Otto, CEO & Strategy Director, EIGA Strategic Brand Design.

In the course of this, a new brand strategy was developed, the purpose "New Horizons" was formulated and presented in a self-confident, modern brand design with a new logo. The new brand was introduced in 2022.

"The brand design of a university serves very different purposes, but must always appeal to people and send positive signals. We deliberately designed Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences' brand and its design elements to be friendly and approachable in order to inspire the target group," says Elisabeth Plass.

The combination of strategy and design convinced the international jury. In the workshops of the strategy phase, the focus was on the enthusiasm of the people and their community on campus, as well as their goals in research, teaching and studying. The common path to these goals was presented in a brand platform and formulated in a brand purpose "Discovering new horizons" as a strategic brand mission statement.

The "horizon" was chosen as a visual metaphor for the design system. As a visual leitmotif, it creates a connection to the maritime context in all applications. The horizon is also found in the new word mark as a rising sun. In communication, the figurative mark is used confidently as a stand-alone symbol. Individually designed illustrations depict the colourful campus life and the university's maritime-influenced range of topics. The Brand Design Guidelines explain all elements and specifications for a uniform brand presence, as well as numerous media for analogue and digital communication. 

"The EIGA team integrated seamlessly into an already ongoing mission statement process. They sorted our extensive findings in a comprehensible way. Our brand story reflects our principles and the new brand design inspires us in all applications," says Tatjana Lovre, Head of Marketing at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences.

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