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 Oktober 2021

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Dear students,

This month, we take the Day of German Unity on October 3rd as an opportunity to start our series of culture nights with a German Cooking Night. More information about this and other events, German eating habits, and interesting news can be found below.

All the best,

your IO Team

Liebe Studierende,

in diesem Monat nehmen wir den Tag der deutschen Einheit am 03. Oktober zum Anlass, unsere Reihe der Länderabende mit einem Deutschland-Abend zu starten. Mehr Informationen zu dieser und weiteren Veranstaltungen, sowie zu den deutschen Essgewohnheiten und aktuellen Themen findet ihr in diesem Newsletter. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern!

Euer IO Team

Important Dates


German Culture Night

We are introducing a series of events where students present their home countries, starting with a night about Germany. You will cook together a typical German recipe as well as learn more about the German culture. You have already identified some peculiarities of the Germans? This is the right spot to share them.

Place: Big Blue Button

Time: 7 p.m.

Please register here


German holidays in October

German Unity Day

On 03 October 1990, the reunification of the separated parts of Germany came into force. In the unification treaty signed at that time, October 03 was designated as a national holiday in order to commemorate this important event. The wall, which divided Berlin into two parts for more than 28 years, was actually toppled earlier, on 09 November 1989. Nevertheless, event has not been designating as a holiday, because years before on the same date during the Progromnacht many Jews had fallen victim to the Nazis.

The Day of German Unity is celebrated every year with various events and concerts.


Reformation Day

Protestant Christians in Germany celebrate Reformation Day on October 31 to commemorate the reformation of the church by Martin Luther. Among other things, the theologian rejected the idea that sins could be redeemed by a monetary payment. He also posted his famous 95 theses on the castle church in Wittenberg to draw attention to the grievances at that time.

News for new students

Welcome Event for international Students - 14.10.2021

We are welcoming all newly arrived international students On Thursday, 14 October, at 5 p.m. You will get to know your fellow students, play fun games, and learn about the events and excursions organised for international students this semester.

You can participate here


Scavenger Hunt  - 16.10.2021

On Saturday, 16 October, we want to make a Scavenger Hunt around Bremerhaven with you. You walk through the town in groups, complete tasks and answer questions along the way. The best teams will win prices. We will meet at 12 pm in front of the StuCa at the Hochschule and hand out the sheets with the tasks that you have to complete. There we will randomly mix your teams. Please consider the current Covid-19 regulations of the university.

Registration is possible here


German food traditions

In line with the upcoming German Culture Evening, we wanted to bring you some interesting facts about Germany. And when talking about culture, typical food is inevitably part of the conversation. For this reason, here are a few basics for you:

Bread! While there are only a few different types of bread in most countries, we have many more in Germany. According to the bread register, there are about 3200 different bread specialties in this country. Bread is actually an integral part of the Germans´ everyday diet. So it is common practice to take a "Pausenbrot" to school or to work and to have a "Abendbrot" in the evening (instead of an elaborate meal).

If you want to try typical German street food, you can eat one of the 800 million “Currywürste” (sausages served with a spicy sauce) that are eaten in Germany every year. This delicacy has its origins in Berlin. It is usually served with "Pommes" (fries) and definitely worth a try. Another popular snack is the Döner Kebab. You might be thinking, "Isn't that from Turkey?". But actually, the first "Döner" was invented in Berlin. It is even claimed that there are more kebab restaurant in Berlin than in Istanbul.

Another big thing in Germany is beer. There are over 1300 different breweries producing over 6,000 different types of beer. On average, people in Germany drink about 100 liters of beer a year and 6.7 million liters of beer are sold at the "Oktoberfest". Beer is something that Germans are very proud of. This is certainly also due to the German Purity Law, which is the oldest food law in the world and has not lost its validity since 1516.

Of course, this is only a small part of the aspects that one could discuss about Germany and the German culture. If you would like to learn more about it and also share your own experiences over a nice evening, you are invited to join the German Night:






"Auslandsstudium und Anerkennung in Zeiten von Corona"

Im Rahmen der Studierendenumfrage "Auslandsstudium und Anerkennung in Zeiten von Corona" befragt der DAAD Studierende, die im Zeitraum SoSe 2020 - SoSe 2921 einen physischen, hybriden oder virtuellen Auslandsaufenthalt absolviert haben. Ziel ist es, einen möglichst umfangreichen Überblick über die Erfahrungen der Teilnehmenden zu erhalten. Eine Teilnahme an der Umfrage ist im Zeitraum  14.9. – 26.10.2021 unter folgendem Link möglich: https://survey-auslandsstudium.de/

Unter allen Teilnehmenden verlost der DAAD als Dankeschön über 300 Wertgutscheine.

Covid-19 tests and vaccination for international students

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, foreign students studying on site in Germany and being vaccinated with an in Germany not acknowledge vaccine product can obtain Covid-19 tests at the respective test centres free of charge until the end of the year.  

Vaccinations with a recognised vaccine product should be undertaken in the meanwhile. Details should be discussed with responsible doctor.

Vaccination Centre Bremerhaven

German language courses

Registration for German language courses is open. You can find an overview of the offers and further information about registration


ROTARACT - monthly regulars´ meeting for exchange students

The ROTARACT club Bremerhaven-Geestland invites exchange students to their monthly regulars table.

First date: Monday, 11.10.2021, 7 p.m. at restaurant 'Lloyds'

For further information, please contact Ms. Lara Paetz: lara.paetz@rotaract.de

STIBET-I scholarships for international students

The IO awards different scholarships for international students as part of the DAAD program STIBET I, funded by the Federal Foreign Office (AA).Please submit your application documents until 15 November 2021 to: internationals@hs-bremerhaven.de

Consultation Service

Beratungsangebot zum Thema Auslandsaufenthalt

Über den ELLI-Kalender erhalten interessierte Studierende die Möglichkeit individuelle Beratungstermine zu buchen.


Consultation service for Incoming exchange students

You can book an appointment for individual consultation via the ELLI-Calendar


Consultation service for International full-time students

You can book an appointment for individual consultation via the ELLI-Calendar


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