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 December 2021

Newsletter International Office


Dear students,

The year is approaching its end. You might reflect on the past months and think about wishes and resolutions for the upcoming year. So do we in the International Office. If you have requests for the new year, please let us know and send us your ideas by e-mail to: internationals@hs-bremerhaven.de! We would be very happy to receive your feedback.
To make sure that you can end the year on a good note, we have compiled some international New Year's Eve traditions for you in this newsletter - maybe some of them can be implemented at your private party :-)

Have fun and a happy new year,
your IO Team


Liebe Studierende,

Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Es ist wieder diese Zeit zwischen den Jahren, die uns dazu anregt, über vergangenes zu reflektieren und neue Wünsche und Vorsätze für das kommende Jahr zu formulieren. Vielleicht fällt euch dabei ja auch etwas zum International Office, Auslandsaufenthalten und weiteren Perspektiven ein. Wenn ja, lasst uns gerne daran teilhaben und sendet uns eure Wünsche per E-mail an: internationals@hs-bremerhaven.de! Wir würden uns sehr über euer Feedback freuen.

Damit ihr das Jahr auch noch gebührend ausklingen lassen könnt, haben wir euch in diesem Newsletter einige internationale Silvestertraditionen zusammengestellt - Vielleicht lassen sich einige davon ja auch bei eurer privaten Feier umsetzen :-)

Viel Spaß dabei und einen guten Rutsch,

euer IO Team

Important Dates




Introduction to semester abroad programs

As part of a Leadership Project, the master student Shahul Vali Dudekulais is going to introduce you to different semster abroad programs offered by our university.

The event is going to take place online.

Date: December, 16th

Time: 18:30

Place: BigBlueButton link

New year's eve traditions


In Germany, New Year's Eve is called "Silvester" in memory of Pope Silvester I, who died on Dec. 31, 335.
Usually, Germans spend this evening with an extended dinner, board games and popular TV programs. One of the latter is "Dinner for one", a short British comedy skit that is a must on New Year's Eve (find out more in this

Another custom is lead pouring, in which heated molten lead (or tin) is poured into cold water. Based on the shape that the cooled tin now takes, one should be able to predict what the new year will bring for the person. And of course, extravagant fireworks, which are supposed to scare away the evil spirits and welcome the new year are not to be missed.


Many Brazilians dress all in white on New Year's Eve. If the party takes place on the beach, offerings to the goddess of the sea are traditionally put into the sea with little paper boats. In addition, people jump over seven waves, as this is supposed to fulfill seven wishes in the upcoming year.


On the last evening of the year, gambling is very popular in Greece. If someone is lucky in the game, this is supposed to be a sign of good luck in the new year. However, if one has not fared so well, there is no need to be disappointed, because bad luck in gambling is said to predict good luck in love.

Another popular tradition is to bake a coin into a cake. The person who finds the coin in his/her piece of cake is considered the lucky one in the new year.


In Mexico, there are some New Year's Eve customs to keep in mind. For example, a clean house at the turn of the year is very important to get rid of old things. Also, a glass of water spilled on the street is supposed to wash away the tears and worries of the past year. Looking ahead to the new year, many Mexicans walk around the house with a packed suitcase to make sure their vacation wishes will be fulfilled. A plate of lentils as an appetizer is said to promise a blessing of money as well.

Countries where the turn of the year is not celebrated on December 31

Not every culture celebrates New year's eve on December 31.

The date for Chinese New Year changes annually, as it is based on the lunar calendar. In 2022, it will take place in February. The Jewish New Year is ushered in with the Rosh Hashana festival. It is based on the Jewish calendar and will take place on September 26 in 2022. During the Islamic New Year, Muslims commemorate the departure of the Prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina. In 2022, this celebration will take place on July 29.

Review: LEI excursion in Bremerhaven


On November 13th, the Local Erasmus+ Initiative organized a trip to two remarkable museums in Bremerhaven, the German Emigration Center and the Klimahaus. In total, we were able to provide 45 international students with a free ticket to their museum of preference.

In the German Emigration Center one part of the group relived the journey many brave people took in the past centuries, departing from Bremerhaven, leaving behind their old lives in Europe and heading into an unknown but promising future in various destinations around the world. From embarking on a stunningly realistic ship, to arriving on Ellis Island, and starting a new life in a completely foreign country - we got to see it all.

This exhibition in the Klimahaus led the other part of the group on a tour around the globe, following 8-degree longitude. Along the way we did many interesting stops in a variety of countries. For example, we started in the idyllic Swiss Alps, made our way to Niger to experience the excruciating dry heat of the desert, contrasting the bitter coldness of Antarctica further along the way. At the end, there were also small workshops about the role of climate for our daily lives and also the impact that our actions have on it.

It was a fantastic afternoon in which we learned many new things, made great memories and had lots of fun. If you have not been to the museums yet yourself, you should definitely do so! 10 out of 10!


Review: Indian Night

On November 25, the Indian Culture Night took place via BigBlueButton. Although the event could not be conducted as expected (in person), the organizing students did their best to change their plans and to modify it as an online event. The attendance was still very high and many students of different cultures and nationalities joined the online presentation.

As a special highlight of the evening, the hosts distributed typical Indian snacks for the participants:

  • Samosa - A very famous snack prepared using all-purpose-flour filled with some stuffings inside. It is famous all over India, especially in the Northern part.
  • Kalakand - A solidified milkened sweet made using cova with some added flavors and colors.



In the name of the International Office, we would like to thank the organizing students and the Indian Students´ Association Bremerhaven for their cooperation. 


Exam Registration For Exchange Students:

In order to register for your exams in winter term, please fill in and submit the form that you received via e-mail to incomings@hs-bremerhaven.de until 19 December 2021 

Fulbright Sommerstudienprogramm in den USA

Die Deutsch-Amerikanische Fulbright Kommission organisiert im Sommer 2022 ein Sommerstudienprogramme in Virginia. Teilnehmende Studierende können dabei nicht nur ihre Studienkenntnisse erweitern, sondern auch das amerikanische Campus-Leben kennenlernen und ihre interkulturellen Fähigkeiten erweitern.

Alle Bachelor-Studierenden können sich bis zum 19. Januar 2022 für ein Vollzeitstipendium bewerben.

Auf der folgenden Webseite könnt ihr euch darüber informieren:


Afrozenus 2020 - Der Report

Mehr als 1 Millionen Menschen afro-diasporischer Herkunft leben in Deutschland. Das Projekt Afrozensus hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Lebensrealitäten, Diskriminierungserfahrungen und Perspektiven in Deutschland lebender Menschen afro-diasporischer Herkunft zu erfassen und auf der Grundlage dieser Daten Maßnahmen vorzuschlagen, die die rassistische Diskriminierung in Deutschland verringern sollen.

Den Bericht findet ihr hier


Weitere aktuelle Informationen findet ihr auf unserer


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