Sketchnote with Rob Dimeo/USA


Learn how to make a one-page visual summary from just about any information source



"Over the last decade, the practice of creating sketchnotes – capturing information in a highly visual form using hand-drawn elements including typography, handwriting, and simple drawings – has become an increasingly popular method for notetaking in meetings, conferences, and other venues for a growing group of professionals. As the leader of a scientific facility, I take lots of notes everyday spanning management and policy issues to science and technical matters. Two years ago I stopped taking conventional text-only notes. I never looked at those notes and they were nearly useless to me. Instead I started taking only sketchnotes. The result of this change was transformational for me."

In this introductory, hands-on workshop you will learn how to create your own rich, visual notes from live meetings & presentations, articles, books, and other sources of information. Through a series of focused activities you will learn-by-doing. In the first part of the workshop, you will learn the fundamental elements of sketchnotes such as simple typography/lettering, containers, arrows, dividers, shapes, simple drawings of people and faces, and how to organize these elements in a sensible visual structure. You will learn the importance of- and start to develop your own- visual vocabulary. Many of the activities you will do will involve very simple drawing exercises – but you need not have any artistic ability. The emphasis will be on simply-drawn elements. In the second part of the workshop you will practice making your own sketchnotes from short talks and other content. Rob Dimeo will also present his approach to one of the most challenging aspects of sketchnoting - making sketchnotes from highly technical talks.

Teilnehmerzahl/number of persons: max. 25

Material costs: 15 - 20 Euro

Letzter Termin/last date: Wednesday, 31. August - from 13:30 to 17:00 h (incl. 30 min. break)

Durchführung/lecturer: Robert Dimeo, Ph.D., is the Director of the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR). His research interests include the dynamics of quantum fluids, quantum rotations in molecular solids, software development for the visualization and analysis of neutron scattering data, and the development of neutron instrumentation. 

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Workshopsprache ist Englisch! - The event will be held in English!

Dieser Workshop ist für Lehrende und Studierende - This workshop is for teachers and students.