Double-Degree Programm

Information about an optional double degree program between Hochschule Bremerhaven - University of Applied Sciences and the Thai partner University King Mongkut's University of Technology, North Bangkok,
for the Bachelor degree program Cruise Tourism Management

From the winter semester 2023/24, students from both universities will have the optional opportunity to obtain a Bachelor's degree from both countries at the same study time. This will be awarded to Bremerhaven CTM students if they spend their 5th and 6th semesters at the International College of the partner university and acquire a total of 72 ECTS CP in the fully English taught Bachelor degree program "International Trade and Business Logistics" there, which will be fully credited to their CTM studies in Bremerhaven, so that no additional study time is required for the award of both degrees. 

The subjects to be taken for the (co-)award of the Thai Bachelor's degree "Bachelor of Business Administration in International Trade and Business Logistics" are mutually agreed upon in advance, come from the regular curriculum there and are to be studied together with the Thai students of this study program.

For admission to this double degree exchange program, participating CTM students from Bremerhaven are required to have a verifiable language level of C1 in English. Thai language skills are taught in on-site courses accompanying the studies.

A prerequisite for obtaining a double degree is also the completion of the Bachelor's thesis in English with a scope of 12 CP, for which a first supervisor from Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences and a second supervisor from the university there must be selected.  The Bachelor colloquium is facilitated in a video conference with the respective other supervisor from the second location.

The subjects to be taken in Thailand are agreed in a learning agreement with the foreign coordinator of the home study program CTM on the basis of the underlying cooperation agreement, which guarantees the recognition of the agreed subjects for the home study program if they are successfully taken.

For the one-year study stay at the Thai partner university, the latter provides a scholarship which includes free accommodation on the campus and the costs for a local health insurance in Thailand. Travel and accommodation funds out of existing Erasmus+ budgets can be applied at the home Int. Office of Hochschule Bremerhaven and can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

The mutually agreed quota for double degree students to be sent is a maximum of five students per academic year for both partners.

In the same way, Thai students from the partner university receive a Bachelor's degree from both universities if they gain a total of 63 ECTS CP for selective courses to be taken from the regular CTM curriculum in their final year of study (7th and 8th semester) at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, of which 12 CP are for the Bachelor's thesis. Alongside their studies, the Thai students take part in German language courses at the Studium Generale.

The Bachelor's thesis of the Thai students is also in English. The colloquium takes place via video conference.

The option of obtaining two Bachelor's degrees in the same period of study with this agreement offers students from both universities a good opportunity to gain study experience abroad and at the same study time obtain an academic degree from the partner country, which is an excellent reference for later applications and offers good international career prospects.  In addition, the Thai degree is extended to include the subject areas of "International Trade and Business Logistics".

The cooperation agreement for this double degree program was signed between the two university administrations in August 2022.