During the CTM studies there will be plenty of practical work which prepares students for their future career. One of the best ways to apply what has been learnt in lectures is working on a practical assignments. A project requires students to work towards a goal set by themselves or the client within a certain time frame. The cooperation between students and clients plays a central role as students get a first feeling of what it is like to work in order to meet somebody else’s expectations. While being supported by a professor it is the students’ job to develop a project plan and deliver results. This can range from planning an event, to generating and implementing a market research study for an enterprise or developing a new product idea. Over the years many smaller projects come up but there are two main ones which require a decent amount of time. The Outreach Project takes place in the 3rd semester and the Consulting Project in the 7th and 8th semester.

Outreach Project

Consulting Project