Laura's experience on board

Being able to gain first working experiences while studying is a great opportunity. My time abroad was indeed special and I was able to not only gain new qualifications but also broaden my horizon. I’ve learnt so much – dealing with guests, working under stressful conditions and time management are just a few examples. Being part of the crew was an extraordinary feeling as you can always rely on your colleagues and they will always be there for you no matter what.

Obviously, it’s not always easy to live and work abroad. When working 7 days a week, many hours a day, and under strict supervision, the crew becomes your second family. This is especially helpful on holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s where you would actually like to be with your own family.

One of the major advantages of working onboard a cruise ship is the fact that you’re traveling the world at the same time. Although I did not have the possibility to go on shore at each port, I still got to see and discover a lot of places.  My travel highlights include camel riding by pyramids of Gizeh, a desert safari, a boat trip in India and the visit of my parents shortly before the end of my contract.  These memories will last a life time and I’m already excited to go back on board after my studies!