Living in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven is a port city located in the very North of Germany by the North Sea coast. The strong relationship to the sea shapes the profile of the city and the whole region.

The city and the university has a lot to offer for incoming students. More information about the city of Bremerhaven, living here, and possible leisure activities can be found on the following pages. 

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About Bremerhaven

53° 33' north and 8° 35' east is more than a dot on the map. The "university by the sea" is located at these geographic coordinates, and around it is a very attractive seaside town.

Bremerhaven is on the move: wind energy, port / logistics, food industry and shipbuilding industry can be named as a few examples contributing to the successful economic transformation of the city. The tourism has developed into a strong pillar and areas such as higher education, science and research enjoy an excellent reputation.

"Studying and working in a place where others enjoy their holidays" is an often quoted phrase when talking about Bremerhaven. The image of the city is characterized by its short distance to the water. Almost every aspect of life, whether it comes to accommodation, work or leisure time, is linked closely to the sea. A walk along the dyke, a trip to the beach or a night view with twinkling lights of the container terminal are part of everyday life here.

A fresh breeze is a feature of Bremerhaven - and it is also true for the business. In the field of wind energy, the city along the river Weser has developed into the European competence center for off-shore wind energy. Just as the wind, sailing is also a part of Bremerhaven. During the festival the "Lütte Sail" or the "International Sail" windjammers are lying in the port, but even between the big events, it is unimaginable that Bremerhaven is without them. They have become a true symbol of the city. What is also always worth visiting is the Dar Mlodziezy, the sailing ship of our partner university, Akademia Morska Gdynia in Poland.

A modern attraction is the Harbor Worlds. The future has been moored at the historical quays of the new and old harbors. The Kaiserschleuse was opened in 2011 and the gate to the North Sea for container ships was inaugurated officially with 327 sports-boats forming a parade, which has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The "little brother" for captains of sports-boats has been put into operation since 2005. At the same time, the German Emigration Centre Bremerhaven opened its gates. Between the National German Maritime Museum and the Zoo at the Sea now towers the conference hotel and events center the Atlantic Hotel Sail City over the town. You can let yourself be enchanted by the southern flair in the shopping center Mediterraneo and in the Climate House® Bremerhaven 8° East you can explore different climate zones of the world. Bremerhaven has so many facets to make the study attractive.


Cost of living

Living costs in Bremerhaven are rather low compared to other cities in Germany. As a result, 800€ - 900€ per month should be sufficient to make a living here. However, any exact amount cannot be guaranteed because it also depends on your own standard of living.


Detailed information:

German public health insurance: approximately € 110,00 per month

Rent: approximately € 250,00 - 350,00 € per month

Food and others: approximately € 350,00 - 450,00 € per month

License Fee: 17,50 € per month

Semester contribution: 373,00 € (semiannual)

In order to be or stay matriculated you need to confirm by paying the semester contribution.