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Tourism and management

Tourism and management

Research clusters

The Tourism and Management research cluster summarises research work in the field of the international tourism industry (in particular cruise tourism) and in the field of general management. In both areas, the focus is primarily on strategic issues and application-orientated, practical research. In most cases, research impulses come from (corporate) practice, so that the derivation of practical implications is a central component of the research cluster.
Current research work is primarily concerned with the topics of corporate sustainability, climate change, skills shortages and the digitalisation of/by companies. Due to the cooperation with regional practice partners, the focus of management research is particularly on small and medium-sized enterprises, which face particular challenges in the current research topics.


Institute of Management and Economics

The Institute for Management and Economics (IME) focuses its activities on small and medium-sized enterprises - and thus on the engine of the German economy. The institute's work focuses on research on medium-sized companies, as well as consulting and continuing education services.

Institute for Safety and Security Studies

The Institute for Safety and Security Studies (ISaSS) at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is concerned with current research and development tasks for the maintenance and improvement of safety in the public sector and in the economy. It deals with questions of risk analysis, risk management and prevention of hazards and threats caused by intentional actions (Security) or without intent (Safety). ISaSS cooperates in the form of joint project activities with, among others, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) and the DLR Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures.

Institute for Maritime Tourism

The Institute for Maritime Tourism (IMT) is focused on tourism in and around the sea. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opinions with the tourism industry and its various stakeholders, to gain new insights into the specifics of maritime tourism and to ensure that teaching is practice-oriented.

Institute for Business Instruments and Technologies

The 'Institute for Business Instruments and Technologies' is active in the field of business intelligence and enterprise resource planning in all areas of the operational value chain when it comes to business reporting and the control of core and support processes of companies.

Research projects

Bremen Logistics Transfer and Innovation Culture.


The logistics sector is one of the most important drivers of Bremen's economy. The BreLogIK project aims to exploit previously untapped innovation potential in close cooperation between Bremen science and the logistics industry.


The overall aim of PEGASUS is to combat organized smuggling of migrants by the analysis of mass data. Machine learning is used to identify criminal networks. The HSBHV is in charge of the criminological investigation and analyzes, among other things, the modus operandi and organization of smugglers.


The EU funded project investigated current practice in the prevention of violent radicalization in an European comparison and developed measures, instruments and recommendations to optimize prevention work. The usefulness and impact of the instrument will be investigated in the coming years.