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The ideal contact point for students, teachers and parents

The varied programme offers opportunities for all ages to get a taste of teaching, science and research long before leaving school.
The opportunities are many and varied:

 - classic information events
 - university tours
 - Experiments and courses in the school laboratory

School laboratory

The school laboratory as an extracurricular place of learning

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences offers schools the opportunity to use the school laboratory as an extracurricular learning centre with the aim of meaningfully supplementing science lessons with practical teaching and learning units. Teachers will find everything they need in the school laboratory: developed and tested experiments, materials and expert support from the university staff, who are on hand to help and advise both pupils and teachers.

On request, we can customise the selection of experiments, the depth of content and the amount of time required for each course to suit the grade level and learning objectives of the learning group.

Please feel free to discuss this with us.

Costs: There are no costs for the schools.

Dates: by arrangement.

Secondary level II courses

Secondary level I courses

Primary school courses

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