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We are delighted that you are interested in a professorship at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences! This page provides you with detailed information on professorships at our seaside university.
The FAQs provide you with a summary of the most important questions asked about academic appointment procedures. You are also welcome to reach out to our service centres and designated contact people.

Formal requirements for a professorship at our university

The academic appointment process at our university

The academic appointment process for filling a professorship lasts several months. A selection panel consisting of representatives from faculty, academic and non-academic staff and students is formed by the department and is responsible for preparing the recommendations for nomination.
The selection panel reviews the application documents and invites the most promising candidates to campus interviews. The campus interviews comprise a section open to the university public, in which the candidate gives a teaching demonstration and a presentation or lecture in their area of expertise, and a non-public section, which consists of an interview between the candidate and the selection panel. Following this, the selection panel draws up a short list of candidates, whose suitability for the position is then assessed by external experts – usually professors from the field in question. After consideration of all the information, the selection panel prepares a recommendation for nomination with a ranking of – usually three – candidates. The final decision on the recommendation for nomination is made by other executive bodies at the university.
Once the university has decided on a particular nominee, it presents this decision to the Senator for Environment, Climate and Science (SUKW). If the senator's office approves the appointment, negotiations will then take place between the person to be appointed and the university.

Information on application documents

Our support services


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