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University governance

The Rectorate is the governing body of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. It manages the university in compliance with the resolutions of the Academic Senate, the principles laid down by the Rector and the target and performance agreements with the responsible senatorial authority. It is responsible for all matters relating to the university, unless they expressly fall under other areas of responsibility. The Rectorate consists of the Rector Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Alexis Papathanassis and three vice-rectors.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Alexis Papathanassis Rector

The Rector is responsible for defining the strategic direction and principles of the university and for ensuring that the university fulfils its educational mission. He/she is also responsible for the efficient use of resources and compliance with legal, ethical and quality standards in teaching, research and administration. According to the Bremen Higher Education Act, the Rector represents the university in all internal and external matters, defines the principles for the management and administration of the university, regulates the distribution of tasks, upholds the university's rules and regulations and exercises domiciliary rights. He/she chairs the Rectorate.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Frohberg Vice Rector for Teaching & Student Services

Vice Rector 1

The Vice-Rectorate 1 is responsible for all matters relating to studying and teaching that do not fall within the remit of the departments. It represents the university in relevant bodies, committees and co-operations in the area of studies and teaching at Rectorate level. The Vice-Rectorate is also responsible for quality management in teaching and learning.

Prof. Dr. Rabea Diekmann Vice Rector for Research, Transfer & Continuing Education

Vice Rector 2

The Vice-Rector 2 is responsible for all matters relating to research, transfer and continuing education. She represents the university in relevant bodies and committees and supports the development of research projects and collaborations. She heads the university's research commission. The internal research and development fund for research funding is also assigned to the Vice-Rectorate.

Prof. Dr. Miriam O’Shea Vice rector for multi-project management & process organisation

Vice Rector 3

The Vice-Rectorate 3 coordinates and manages change processes in the structural and procedural organisation for the implementation of digitalisation at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences. To this end, the departments of Organisational Development and First Level Support as well as the Computer Centre are assigned to it. Vice-Rectorate 3 supports, for example, the implementation of the new campus management system, the further development of the learning management system as well as the implementation of the X-bill and other processes in workflows.

Alexander Mraz Chancellor

As a member of the Rectorate, the Chancellor heads the university administration and is responsible for the administrative implementation of the resolutions of the Rectorate and the Academic Senate. He is the superior of the employees in the service area of the university and is responsible for the budget.

Merle Pohlabeln Advisor to the Rector

The Rector's Advisor supports the Rector in the fulfilment of his duties. She prepares strategic decisions for the university management and supports their implementation in the faculties and administrative departments. She compiles information and data for answering enquiries or preparing reports. She also prepares and follows up the meetings of the Academic Senate.

Rectorate Secretariat


Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is divided into two faculties - Faculty 1 ‘Technology’ and Faculty 2 ‘Management and Information Systems’. The two faculties are managed by the Dean's Offices. The Dean's Office heads the respective department, implements the decisions of the Department Council and is responsible to it.