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Studying in the  city by the sea

When the seagulls screech during lectures and your own hand is on the helm of both your studies and your free time, then you are in Bremerhaven.

Studying in  Bremerhaven


10 good reasons to study with us


Invest in your future with a career-oriented and practical course of study. Our close cooperation with world-renowned companies enables you to implement your ideas and projects with ease.


It's a great place to live. It's easy to find a suitable apartment and rents are affordable, even for students. And if you're looking to make friends, you'll find lots of great shared flats and student residences in Bremerhaven.

Fresh air

There is plenty of fresh air here for fresh ideas. There is usually a gentle breeze that provides you with plenty of oxygen for thinking. And occasionally hurricane-like gusts of wind blow your head clear - for the next exam, for example.

Modern and future-oriented

Research and teaching are very important to us. In addition to state-of-the-art laboratories and a future-oriented research environment, you will meet lecturers whose expertise is in demand internationally and who are happy to share their experience, knowledge and findings with you.


No matter what we do - research, teaching, celebrating or living community - we do it with passion and enthusiasm. Here with us, you will meet people who are just as passionate about their university community as they are about their fields of study and research.

Small and familiar

With us, you are far more than just a student number. Our open campus impresses with its location on the water, short distances and a manageable number of students - and therefore a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Close to the dyke and the sea

If the seagulls screech during lectures and you are in charge of your studies as well as your free time, then you are in Bremerhaven. Because the distance between the campus and the dyke is just five minutes.

Cooperation abroad

We also have a remedy for wanderlust. Thanks to many international cooperations and partner universities all over the world, you can broaden your horizons and sweeten your studies with a stay abroad.

Maritime flair

Bremerhaven is a world-famous port city with international significance as an import and export port as well as a historic emigration port. In the “maritime city of Bremerhaven” you can feel and experience this maritime flair up close.

Job opportunities

If you decide to stay in the Bremerhaven area after your studies, strong partners in business and research offer you an ideal start to your future career.