Living costs

Living costs in Bremerhaven are rather low compared to other cities in Germany. As a result, 550 € per month should be enough for you to survive here. However, any exact amount cannot be guaranteed, because it depends very strongly on your own standard of living.
Here is a rough estimation of probable monthly costs:

  • Health insurance: € 77,90 (for non-EU applicants)
  • Rent: approximately € 170.00 – 300.00 €
  • Food and others: € 200.00 – 300.00 €
  • Rundfunkbeitrag: € 17.50 per flat

The lunch in the university canteen costs either € 1.35 or € 2.35 per menu (approx. € 27.00 - € 47.00 per month) depending upon which menu you take. However, it could cost you a bit more if you take extra dessert, salad or something to drink.

Every student exceeding the 14th semester has to pay an additional tuition fee of € 500,00 each semester.


The International Office is not responsible for the accommodation of the Incoming students and naturally doesn’t guarantee any place to live. We may only help you with advices. We recommend to apply for a room in the local student hostels An der Allee 36 or Adolf-Butenandt-Str. 1. Just fill in the application form and send it directly to the Studierendenwerk Bremen:

Application Student Hostel

Studierendenwerk Bremen
Bibliothekstr. 7 (Studentenhaus)                                                                 
28359 Bremen

Application and information:
Mr. Prochnow
Tel.: 0421 / 2201-10122
Fax: 0421 / 2201-21290

Central accommodation office:
Mrs. Ferber
Tel.: 0421 / 2201-10129
Fax: 0421 / 2201-21290

If there is no room available in the student hostels, the places listed below could be helpful to find an accommodation. However the student hostels put you on their queuing list, so don't sever all contact with them.

Student body (AStA)

University of Bremerhaven
Building K, Room 101
(also the Black Board in House K)

AStA housing market

Housing companies

Hoops - Hausverwaltung
Hinter der Ahrend 11, 27580 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 4 30 61
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 20, 27568 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 4803-0
Justus-Lion-Weg 4, 27568 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 9451-133

Online resources

Nordsee-Zeitung (shared apartments) (here is a short explanation on how this website works)

Residence for a few days

Gaußstraße 54, 27580 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 9 82 08 - 0
ca. 20,00 € per night with breakfast
Schifferstraße 51, 27568 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 43013
13,00 € - 19,00 € per night (one-bed room)
4,50 € breakfast
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 209, 27568 Bremerhaven
Tel: ++49 - (0)471/ 9 31 49 188

Demanding the contracted deposit before the actual move-out (e.g. at key delivery) may keep you clear of conflicts and delays concerning payments for your new flat.

To support you, we put together an overview with the most important abbreviations and terms used in apartment descriptions.


For the use of radio and television in Germany you have to count with some fees. Such devices must therefore be signed up officially. The GEZ (national agency for TV and radio licenses) demands € 17.50 per apartment, no matter how many people live there together.

The possession of such devices might be checked by so-called investigators; however the GEZ employees generally have no right to enter a private residence. Moreover you are not bound to provide them with any sort of information in case they come to your place. Nevertheless, false information could lead to very high penalties. Students might be exempted from the fees, if they receive BAföG. ask your Landlord if you have questions concerning the GEZ or visit us at the International Office!