Thailand - Bangkok - Stamford International University

Academic Calendar

1. Term: July - October
2. Term: November - February
3. Term: March - June

Application deadline at the University of Bremerhaven

Every calender year, 3 students of the University Bremerhaven have the opportunity to study one semester at the Stamford International University (SIU) and get an exemption of the fees on-side. The application documents have to be handed in to the International Office of the University Bremerhaven until the 1st September of a year for the following year.

Application deadline at the SIU

1. Term - 15 May
2. Term - 15 September
3. Term - 15 January

The documents, handed into the Interntional Office, will be forwarded to the SIU within the deadlines.


Please hand in the following documents:

- Stamford Application Form

- copy of passport

- Certificate of enrollment (in English)
- Transcript of Records
(in English)
- Letter of recommendation from a university teacher (
in English)
- Learning Agreement

- CV (in English)

- Letter of motivation (in English)

- Proof of an overseas travel health insurance


A course overview will be published approx. 2 months before semester start.
Here you can find a course overview for the third term (14.03.-19.06.2016).

The courses at the Stamford International University each have 4 credits, which is are 6 ECTS at the University Bremerhaven. Therefore, students must take 5 courses in order to get 30 ECTS.

Study fees

The semester fee for one term is 5,000 THB. With an extension of the stay for another semester, another charge is due.

Further Information

Average cost of accommodation per month: 6000-7000 THB
Average cost of living per month: 15000 THB
Visa:    Apply at “Royal Thai Embassy” in home country
Transcripts of Records (ToR): A Transcript of Records will be issued normally within 3 weeks after the assessment period has finished.