FAQ's & Answers

What are embedded systems (in the sense of the ESD study program)?

An estimated number of more than 10 billion embedded systems exists already with annual growth rates of about 10%. Approximately 95% of all microprocessors are not manufactured for general purpose computers - in fact they become part of embedded systems. Thus, embedded systems are everywhere.

So, what characterizes embedded systems in the sense of the ESD study program?

  • an embedded system performs a single predefined function

  • it satisfies tight constraints like low-cost, low-power, single component realization

  • fast real-time response time

  • hard- and software co-design and co-existence

  • should used best available algorithms for control and digital signal processing

  • satisfies safety and security constraints

What is the focus of ESD at University of Bremerhaven?

ESD focuses on the design of embedded systems for the industrial, scientific and medical market (ISM market). ESD in Bremerhaven concentrates on industrial, medical, and scientific devices. This makes ESD not a mere "computer science" program. Beside VHDL and system-on-chip (SoC), software development techniques, topics like mechatronics, advanced discrete control theory, safety and reliability are essential parts of ESD.

Is ESD a full-time study program?YES, it lasts 3 semesters, starting in the summer term (April).
Is it possible to study part-time?

YES, in this case you are not allowed to earn more than 2/3 of the credits for one semester. It is possible to start in winter and summer. Course restrictions apply.

Part-time study is not an option you can choose. You have to apply for it, the possible reasons for part-time study are:

  • professional employment in a company of the region (must be in the area of your master program)

  • home care of a relative

  • home care of a child

  • if you are a handicapped person

  • social involvement

I f any of these items apply for you part-time studying may be possible upon request.

What is the course language?The language for classes and labs is English. The master thesis may be written in English or German.
Is ESD certified?

YES, ESD has been certified by AQAS. The official web site for German universities is the "Hochschulkompass". You will find the same information on this site if you search for "Embedded Systems Design". However, some information on "Hochschulkompass" is slightly out of date. It will be corrected soon.

ESD at University Bremerhaven is also listed on the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) web site.

All master programs of University Bremerhaven have been carefully evaluated by the university itself. As a result ESD will be a long term established and supported master program.

What bachelor degree do I need to study ESD?

You are eligible for ESD if you have a four years bachelor degree in a suitable technical area. EU bachelor (3.5 or more years, equivalent to 210 credits) or a german diploma degree satisfies admission requirements. If the bachelor program is three years you will need an additional industrial internship and probably additional courses for missing contents. Please ask for a special learning agreement or include appropriate certificates with your application.

What are application deadlines?

The deadline for European Union applicants is February 15, 2022.

For non EU application the deadline is December 31, 2021 (this deadline is valid for the 2022 intake - courses will start on April 19, 2022). In this case you can apply for visa in time. Application through uni-assist is mandatory (see Q13).

What final grade for my bachelor is required?

The bachelor grade must be "good" or "B". An equivalent CGPA can be specified also. According to the German grade system the required grade is 2.3. For applicants with 2 years of appropriate work experience as engineer (electrical engineering, computer science, embedded systems) the grade is increased by 0.3 (2.6).

Examples for some countries:
              USA :         B         (for scale from A+ to F)

              China :   84-80     (for scale from 100 to 60)

              Eritrea:   2,7 / B    (for CGPA scale from 4 to 1)

              India :      70        (for scale from 100 to 33)

              Pakistan :  2.7       (for CGPA scale from 4 to 1)
                               3.13    (CGPA scale from 4 to 2, most common)

                               70        (for scale from 100 to 33)
                                A        (for scale from A to F)

              Poland :      4       (for scale from 5 to 3)

These are just examples. We are aware that universities have different grading schemes even in the same country. We will process application of any country, of course.

What are the language requirements?

The required English level is B2 (CEFR). This is equivalent to an IELTS band score of 6.0 or TOEFL IBT 72. IELTS and TOEFL IBT certificates are also accepted.

Alternative proof of English language proficiency (if this applies, add appropriate document to your application):

  • preceding bachelor with English as major instruction language

The required German language level is CEF A1 (the lowest level).

Alternative proofs of German A1 language proficiency (if this applies, add appropriate document to your application):

  • preceding bachelor with German as major instruction language
  • 1 year of work in Germany
What are the regulations for the German language requirement?

The required German language level is CEF A1 (see Q09). The language certificate should be sent with your application. However, the German language certificate may be submitted later:

  • The German language certificate must be presented when registering for ESD (not later than April 19, 2022) at Univ. Bremerhaven.

  • If the required certificates are not presented in time the admission becomes void!

What knowledge is required?

Students should have knowledge on mathematics, programming languages, digital systems and control engineering. In particular the following contents are required before beginning ESD master:

  • mathematics and/or physics (total of 3 semesters)

  • mechanical engineering (1 semester)

  • electrical engineering (2 semester)

  • computer science/programming languages (1 semester)

  • control engineering (1 semester)

If you lack on these requirements please contact the ESD representative (email) for a solution.

How do I apply for admission?

Fill out the following form and send it together with the required documents (listed in this form) to UNI-ASSIST:

From now on all application of non-EU candidates must be sent to UNI-ASSIST. Only EU applications can be sent directly to University of Bremerhaven Admission Office.

If you did not finish your first bachelor degree you must affirm that you will finish by April  30. The final degree document must be sent to Univ. Bremerhaven not later than June 30.

Part-time students (see Q03) can submit application also in Summer not later than July 15 for the winter term.

How do I register after I got admission to ESD?

Registration must be completed by March, 30. You admission becomes void if you fail to send them by this date. In person or by postal mail you have to submit the following documents:

  • Personal information sheet

  • Proof of health insurance certificate (in Germany)

  • Signed statement that you have read the Admissions and and Examinations Office information sheet

  • Transfer of semester fee (375,00 EUR - including free public transport). It is strongly recommended to transfer the semester fee from your home country. If the fee has not been registered on the University Bremerhaven account you will not be enrolled to ESD.

If other required documents are mentioned in your admission letter (e.g. language certificate or bachelor degree certificate) your have to present them as well.

What happens if I cannot appear in time?

You have to show up in person not later than April, 19. It is recommended that you arrive earlier to solve things with your stay in Bremerhaven before classes and labs start.

All admission documents as well as payment of the semester fee must be received by University Bremerhaven not later than April, 19!

Where and when are my classes and labs?

The faculty time schedule is available here (Faculty 1 pages in German). The summer term time schedule will be listed under "Vorlesungsplan Sommersemester 2022". Please take note of the scheme for even (KW12) and odd (KW13) weeks.

Studiengänge = course programs (ESD1 is most important for you)

Dozenten = professors/lecturers

Räume = rooms

Bemerkungen = remarks