Integrated Safety and Security Management

As a result of 9/11, business and society became abruptly aware of the threat of global terrorism - terrorist attacks are increasingly feared, and the desire for security has grown. Since then, worldwide activities have developed for defence against such threats, also involving national and international logistic structures, hence protecting people and goods from danger and risks effectively.

In order to respond to this development, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven has introduced the study course integrated Safety and Security Management. In this Master’s programme, the students are qualified to take on tasks at medium and higher management level in the field of danger prevention and risk management both nationally and internationally. Knowledge of logistics (from the Bachelor’s programme transport / logistics) is required and some courses are taught in close cooperation with the parallel Master’s programme logistics engineering and Management. 

Those asks mentioned before do not only deal with the internal safety of companies (safety of processes and plants, safe handling of harmful substances, etc.), but also with safety and security-related issues, i.e. interference by external actors. In four semesters the students learn to design, organise and develop necessary safety and security systems, to adjust them to a constantly changing environment, as well as to deploy them in case of emergency. The curriculum includes core modules regarding safety and security, which span the first three semesters, covering aspects of “Threat Identification”, ”Safety Management”, ”Security Management”, ”Risk Analysis” and ”Risk Reduction”. Moreover, there are further modules in the field of ”Law and International Security Structures”, ”Management in Critical Situations”, ”Public Relations / Risk Communication” and “Logistics”.

Business contacts are established for the future graduates, for example, through:

  • courses in laboratories equipped for practical exercises,
  • cooperation with the “Institute for Safety and Security Studies” ( ISaSS),
  • and comprehensive case studies in cooperation with commercial enterprises and civilian authorities. 

After four semesters of study, the graduates are granted with the degree of “Master of Science”, industry and trade as well as government services are looking for them as safety and security experts. The specialised training in this specific area has won renown in just a few years, which can be clearly shown by the extensive support from regional companies. The Nordsee-Zeitung GmbH, Bremerhaven, and the BLG Logistics Group, Bremen, are major sponsors of the study course integrated Safety and Security Management.