Medical Engineering

Medical technology is considered one of the key technologies worldwide in the 21st century. High expectations on life, increasing consciousness of health and technological innovations are drivers of the growth of this sector which is on the advance at least in Germany. The need for modern medical technology which supports the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases will continuously increase in the future – not at least because of the demographical change.

The Bachelor’s programme Medical engineering is offered by the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven in cooperation with APOLLON University of Health Economy GmbH Bremen and with the involvement of external specialists. Therefore, the graduates will enter a very profitable and exciting field. At the interface between medical users, departments of research, development and manufacturing as well as suppliers, a broad range of knowledge can be acquired by students during the study. The combination of the knowledge in engineering and natural sciences with the economic background knowledge enables the students to deal openly and creatively with tasks concerning medical technology and to find constructive solutions - whether it comes to optimized medical processes, improved of X-ray technology or respective innovations of information and communication systems. During six semesters the students acquire not only foundation knowledge of engineering, medicine and information technology, but also knowledge about healthcare industry, medical laws and professional ethics.

The comprehensive education is underpinned by extensive internships and exercises which are carried out in small groups and can optimally prepare the prospective medical engineers for professional practice. A special highlight are exercises with large-scale devices and complex systems in live operations. Additionally, the practical reference of the education is guaranteed by the involvement of competent specialists from healthcare institutions as well as from companies in the medical technology industry. Whether in the implementation of projects, preparation of Bachelor’s thesis or entry into professional life, the students can benefit from the close networking with research institutes and the healthcare industry.

Possible occupations of the graduates are various and range from jobs in the medical technology industry in product development, sales and training to exciting tasks in hospitals, doctor’s practices and nursing facilities. In any case, the Bachelor of Science in Medical engineering has a qualification with which one of the most sustainable sectors at present can be successfully stimulated and developed. Graduates of this Bachelor’s programme can also continue their study in the application-oriented Master’s programme Medical engineering.