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Student Steward International Tourism Management (Cruise Business / Innovation)

Moin, I'm Anja and I've been studying Cruise Tourism Management (CTM) since October 2022. Don't the course is now called International Tourism Management (ITM), but I will will be able to help you anyway. So if you have any questions about the study program, the city or the general student life, feel free to contact me!

More about me

I have always traveled a lot with my family and thus developed a fascination for foreign countries, languages and cultures very early. Through our cruises, I also had the opportunity early on to visit destinations further afield, such as the Orient, New York, Canada or the North Cape. When it was time to decide my future after graduating from high school, it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to pursue management and tourism. By chance I came across the ITM course in Bremerhaven. Even though the way home is a bit further than originally planned (after all, I come from near Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate), it was clear to me very quickly that I wanted to study ITM. So I packed my 7 (or 20) things and moved to Bremerhaven.
In our study program we have the advantage that there are only a few students per year. students per class. Therefore, we know our professors quite well and have a great working atmosphere. We are also very practice-oriented. We do a lot of group work, work on projects together with real shipping companies, can visit ships and have a complete practical year to gain work experience. As a result, studying is (almost) never boring, and we learn a lot.
If you have any questions about Bremerhaven, the study program, etc., please feel free to contact me.
I can be reached quite quickly by email, but you can also get in touch via live chat on Wednesdays between 17:00 and 18:00.

Contact Student Steward

Feel free to contact me during my office time: Wednesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm live chat: