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Student Steward Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies

Hello to all of you out there. I'm Alexander and I've been studying Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies since the winter semester of 2022. As a student mentor, I always have an open ear for you if you have questions about the study program or the university. So don't be shy. I look forward to meeting you!

More about me

It was already clear to me during my school years that I wanted to go in the direction of science and technology. My interests were early in subjects like math, physics and chemistry. Much to the incomprehension of my classmates. The game continued in the Abitur and when I had this in the bag, I initially left Bremerhaven. But as is often the case in life, fate has other plans for you and so I ended up at the University of Applied Sciences in the winter semester of 2022 in the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies program (NEW).                                                                                                                              
In the run-up, I kept hearing about the family environment of the university and I was not disappointed. Due to the smaller courses, you can network well with your fellow students and form learning groups. This simplifies everyday life at the university immensely, because even as an engineer you should be able to work in a team. Likewise, the many laboratories not only offer the opportunity to gain practical experience early on, but also to get to know the professors better.                                                                                      
As a student, you also have the opportunity to participate in committees, such as the study commission or the departmental council, and to get involved in the university.

If you still have questions about studying or NEW, I am of course at your side!

Contact Student Steward

Feel free to contact me during my office time: The link to the BBB consultation hour is: Every Friday from 10-11 am.