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Biotechnology Master of Science

Biotechnology The key enabling technology of the future

Tackling today's societal challenges such as climate change and pandemics requires the development of innovative and sustainable solutions. Biotechnology is considered one of the key enabling technologies. Areas of bioanalytics as an interdisciplinary science are combined with process engineering and the utilisation of organisms and cells.
In the study programme, we prepare you for your future in biotechnology and also provide insights into the exciting marine environment, because this is where there is great potential for extracting new active substances, finding sustainable solutions for feeding humanity and much more.
The work and research opportunities offered by many regional and national companies provide a wide range of options for engaging with the biotechnological use of resources.

Why choose this programme

    Your future in biotechnology

    Activities, research and professional profile

    Biotechnology is considered a cutting-edge, market-relevant technology.
    With a Master of Science degree, biotechnologists have access to a broad range of activities in important fields of application in research, development, quality assurance and production.
    Apart from continuing on to a higher doctoral degree, biotechnologists can work in the production of medications, the development of new pharmaceuticals or diagnostics. Another exciting field of work is bioeconomics, which develops and applies resource-efficient and environmentally friendly processes. This may be in the area of environmental technology or in the production of market-relevant bio-based molecules. Due to the marine focus of the degree programme, activities in marine research are also feasible.

    Facts about the study programme

    • Degree of Studies

      Master of Science
    • Study Form

      Full-time study
    • Term of Admission

    • Term of Admission

      Winter and Summer semester
    • Main Course Language

    • Standard Period of Study

      3 Semester

    Dive into biotechnology

    The three-semester master's programme prepares students for roles in biotechnological professions in research and industry. In the first two semesters, the students deepen the knowledge they acquired in the bachelor's programme on molecular and cell biology, bioanalytics and bioprocess engineering, expanding it in focus areas such as protein analytics, bioinformatics, molecular ecology and methods for the study of marine resources and chemistry.
    In the third semester, the students write their final thesis in the scope of a research project. This can take place at a company or research institution either at home or abroad.
    A Master of Science degree attests your ability to work independently in an academic, application-oriented and interdisciplinary manner and to critically classify evidence-based findings.

    Programme overview

    Admission and application

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