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ITM: Cruise Business Bachelor of Arts

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The cruise industry has proven through its rapid recovery after the Corona pandemic that it is an industry with high importance for the future and that is already in search of professionals both on shore and on board. The Cruise Business study program prepares students to work in various areas of the cruise industry. Our students are trained for tasks in product management, marketing, sales or personnel. Possible employers are shipping companies, tour operators, terminals or suppliers. 

The specialisation "Cruise Business" offers various specialised modules. On the one hand, students learn about tasks that have to be managed in the cruise industry - from itinerary planning and offer design to managing of safety regulations and marketing. In addition, the external conditions and the strategies of the cruise industry must also be considered. Which trends in society must be taken into account by shipping companies and how can companies successfully use these for themselves? In the 8th semester, students actively engage with current cruise research in the module "Cruise Tourism Research" in an interactive, new learning format. 

Another special feature is the "Business Competencies" module, in which students work on a project for a real cruise company over the course of two semesters. Here, the lecturers acquire projects that deal with current challenges in day-to-day business. The students take on the role of consultants who independently develop solutions in exchange with the customers.

Program overview

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