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Study programme

Business Administration (Betriebswirtschaftslehre) Bachelor of Arts 

Study with business –  for business

The demand for Business Administration graduates on the labour market is high and the occupational fields for graduates in this area are diverse. Whether you are aiming for a career in industry, public administration or as an entrepreneur, whether in human resources, marketing or accounting: studying Business Administration at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences offers students ideal preparation for a career in business through practice-based teaching and learning in direct exchange with regional businesses. The Business Administration programme deals primarily with the management, governance and organisation of companies. The focus is on using the resources of a company – i.e. personnel, material and financial resources, as well as information – as effectively and efficiently as possible in line with the company's corporate strategy in order to achieve key performance targets.

Why choose this programme

  • Generalist educational pathway

    Mixture of business administration basics, specialisations, soft skills, professional practice phase, study abroad and preparation for the job market.
  • Practice-based teaching and learning

    Professional practice phase in the 5th semester, practical projects with regional companies during the semester and regular impulse or keynote lectures by experts who are practising in the field.
  • Double degree options

    Study at the Vigo University in Ourense, Spain (6th & 7th semester) or at the King Mongkut´s University of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand (7th & 8th semester) and obtain a double degree

Your prospects after graduation

A wide range of entry-level career opportunities in business

With a generalist education, you will have good career opportunities in a variety of industries after completing your BA in Business Administration. You can apply the knowledge and skills you have learned from your studies in a wide range of business areas (e.g. industry, consumer goods sector, banking and insurance). The programme intentionally steers away from taking an industry-specific approach. Ideally, the specialisation subjects chosen during your studies (e.g. marketing, human resource management or accounting) will lay the foundation for your later work in a company. As a general principle, the business administration skills you acquire are completely independent of the size of the company. Therefore, it is possible to apply in large companies as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. The path to entrepreneurship is also open to you. Thanks to the strong practical and application-based approach of the programme, you will be ideally prepared for a management or specialist career in business, depending on your individual preferences.

Facts about the study programme

  • Degree of Studies

    Bachelor of Arts
  • Study Form

    Full-time study
  • Term of Admission

  • Term of Admission

    Winter semester
  • Main Course Language

  • Standard Period of Study

    7 Semester

Dive into the world of Business Administration

In the first three semesters, the foundation subjects will provide you with solid business administration skills in all the classic business operation functions as well as a sound knowledge of management. In addition, in semesters 4 and 6 you will acquire an in-depth understanding of specialised business areas, such as marketing, human resource management and accounting. Participation in practical projects will enable you to transfer the knowledge you have acquired in the basic and specialised modules in order to tackle concrete business administration problems in practice. During your professional practice phase in semester 5, you will not only gain insights into the everyday life of a company, but will also grow with the new challenges you encounter in practice. An optional semester abroad in semester 4 or 6 (instead of choosing a focus area) will provide a character-building intercultural experience. Acquiring additional key qualifications in compulsory modules and elective subjects will allow you to think outside the business administration box. You will be able to critically reflect on social trends and developments and discuss them in an interdisciplinary context. In addition, in general courses offered centrally throughout the university, you will acquire relevant soft skills, especially in the areas of communication, self-organisation, teamwork, social responsibility, social commitment and ethical conduct.

Programme overview

Admission and application

Learn more about the study programme Module handbook, examination regulations, guidelines and applications

If you have any questions we will be happy to help you Student Advisery Service, Study Mentor, Head of Programme


Business Administration

Hello, my name is Jurina and I have been studying Business Administration at the university since 2020. My interest is in the marketing field and I'm looking forward to answering your questions. Would you like to learn more about the program? Then feel free to contact me.

Study where you feel comfortable

Jurina, in her 4th semester of Business Administration: The most wonderful thing for me is being able to study in my hometown, which I dearly love. The university delivers what it promises: Here you are not just a student number! The professors are there for you and make the courses varied and engaging. At Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, practice-based teaching plays a key role, and every semester I am always excited to discover what new things I'll learn. Studying business administration here was the right decision.

From university student to HR officer

In 2020, I graduated from the Business Administration study programme at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I already realised during my studies that I really enjoy human resource management. Two years later, I am still very happy in my position as an HR officer at a research institute in Bremen.