The Deanery consists of three members and is the head of the faculty. It is made up of the dean, the deputy dean and the executive deputy dean. The dean is elected by members of the faculty council. At his suggestion, the deputy dean is elected. The executive deputy dean is elected among university lecturers of the faculty and the academic or artistic staff. Basically, the term of office is from two to four years and it is possible to be re-elected.

In addition to the management of the faculty, the Deanery is also responsible for course offers. Moreover, it implements decisions of the faculty council and is responsible for all faculty affairs.

As the head of the faculty, the dean has one more specific task: He presides, among others, over the faculty council and the Deanery. Furthermore, he represents the faculty within the university and in national course-specific boards. During his term the dean has the absolute authority to make decisions on the use of resources, posts and facilities that are allocated for the faculty.

The executive deputy dean has also a clearly defined spectrum of responsibility: Among others, he coordinates the implementation of decisions of the study commission and is responsible for the preparation of teaching reports and the consideration of students’ interests. Moreover, he decides over the curriculum of Master’s programmes and adopts measures within his competence for the improvement, development and evaluation of teaching.