The rectorate is the executive board of the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven. It is responsible for all university affairs as long as they are not within other's competence. Currently, members of the rectorate are: the rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Alexis Papathanassis , three vice-rectors Prof. Dr. Patrick Frohberg (vice-rector for teaching and student services), Prof. Dr. Rabea Diekmann (vice-rector for research, transfer and further education) and Prof. Dr. Miriam O'Shea (vice-rector) as well as chancellor Dr. Helga Schiwek.

Main responsibilities of the Rectorate are the planning, steering and coordination of faculty and interdisciplinary functions as well as the appropriate allocation of resources from an academic view. The Rectorate applies itself to the development of the university and contributes to the internal and external communication and cooperation of the university. The Rectorate is directed by the rector who has authorities to lay down guidelines. He represents the university in public, ensures the observance of rules and decides on the deans' proposals regarding all questions about granting the performance emolument. The chancellor directs the administration of the university and is appointed to run the household. The vice rectors have their own specific areas of responsibility and represent the rector in his absence.

The rector is elected by the Academic Senate for a term of office of five years. At the suggestion of the rector the vicerectors are elected by the Academic Senate and have a termof office from two to five years. The Rectorate reports to the Academic Senate once a year.

Prof. Dr. Miriam O’Shea

Vice-rector for multi-project management and process organisation

Tel.: +49 471 4823 - 102