Arriving and living in a different country is an adventurous undertaking. You meet new people with various backgrounds, explore the state with its cities and the countryside, become more and more independent as well as sensible for other cultures and your own. Altogether, you will capture many positive experiences.

However, a stay abroad might also challenge you in one or another situation. In order to ensure a smooth start into this adventure, we compiled the most important information for your arrival below.

Registration at the Resident Registration Office

As soon as possible after your arrival (during the first 14 days), it is very important to register at the City Council of Bremerhaven.

Therefore, you will need your passport, the filled form and a certificate issued by your landlord called „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“.

Due to the current situation, please ask for an appointment at the City Council:


Bürgerbüro Mitte

Address: Am Alten Hafen 118

27568 Bremerhaven

Phone: (+49) 0471 590-3470/-3475/-3480


Bürgerbüro Nord

Address: Stadthaus 5, Hinrich-Schmalfeldt-Str. 30

27576 Bremerhaven

Phone: (+49) 0471 590-3730/-3480


For further information:

Resident Registration Office Bremerhaven (only in German)

Residence permit (Non-EU citizen)

As your entry visa is only valid for 90 days, it must be extended by a residence permit within the first three months of residence in Germany at the city council in Bremerhaven.

In order to apply for an appointment, send the application form (or the renewal form) together with a passport photograph of yourself to this e-mail address:


Required documents (originals and copies):

•             ID card or passport

•             Biometric passport-sized photo

•             Proof of health insurance

•             Proof of enrollment as a student (“Studienbescheinigung”)

•             Current statement of the bank account at a German bank

•             Confirmation of the police registration

•             Fee

•             Assessment or Transcript of the completed studies in case of further





Frau Wehner-Ajkunic


0471 590-3799


Bürger- und Ordnungsamt/Abteilung für Migration und Einbürgerung

Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 20

Columbus Center, 5. Etage

27568 Bremerhaven

Semester Contribution

The semester fee is mandatory for local as well as internationals students. It is compound of different compulsory contributions:


Summer semester 2021

Studierendenwerk: 85,00 €

AstA contribution: 14,81 €

Semesterticket: 223,19 €

Administration: 50,00 €

Total: 373,00 €



The “Semesterticket” is included in your regular semester contribution and allows you to use the public transportation in Bremen, Bremerhaven and the surroundings.

You should consider that the ticket is only valid during the official semester period (start: 01.04. /01.10.)

In addition to that, you are required to present a valid personal ID.

You will receive your semester ticket in the Registration and Examination Office.  


More information:

AStA Bremerhaven - Semesterticket

Semesterticket - HS Bremerhaven

License Fee

The GEZ license fee covers all services offered by public broadcasting on all distribution channels. It neither matters how many people live at one residence nor how many devices they own because the fee is only assigned to the residence: one residence = one fee (17,50€ per month).

Please consult this website for further information. There you can also find the possibilities of exemptions and reductions.

Registration is possible here.




Students who move to Bremen/Bremerhaven for the first time with the aim to study here, might petition the so-called “Begrüßungsgeld” (welcome-bonus) offered by the federal state of Bremen. Therefore, you need to complete the corresponding online form and - when indicated - send your certificate of enrolment to the following address:


Bremen_service universität (bsu)

Bibliothekstraße 6

28359 Bremen

You can find the link to the form and more information on this website: bremen_service university

Please be aware that your stay in Bremen needs to last for at least 12 months to qualify for the bonus.