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Studying at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences offers you many opportunities and great experiences. Besides its modern study programs and high-quality teaching and research, you can also enjoy of the neat campus and the maritime atmosphere of the port of Bremerhaven.

You are interested in studying at Hochschule Bremerhaven? Here you can find information about the application process for exchange students.

To ensure that you have a good start in Bremerhaven, we have collected some useful information about how to prepare for your studies here:


Health insurance

It is mandatory for all students of German universities to have a valid health insurance (Krankenversicherung) that offers unlimited coverage of all treatments during their whole stay.


EU-Nationals: The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is accepted

Non-EU Nationals: A German statutory health insurance is required. It will cost around 110 Euro per month.


Foreign private travel health insurances often do not offer an unlimited coverage or validity. In this case, students are required to additionally contract a German statutory health insurance.

Students over 30 years of age cannot take out a statutory health insurance. They obligatorily have to contract a private insurance that might charge additionally for accompanying family members.

Please also take into account that if your health insurance does not start with the date of your arrival, you should subscribe to an additional private travelling insurance in the meantime.


You can ask for more information about insurance policies or contacts in the International Office!


In order to have a smooth start and to be able to concentrate on your studies from the very first day on, you had better look for an accommodation in advance. You can do that while being still in your country of residence or you might want to come a few weeks before the start of the semester and stay in a hostel while searching for a place to life.


As a student in Bremerhaven, you have different options of accommodation.

For example, you can rent a room in a dormitory for students. These rooms are usually furnished and close to the University. The student dormitories in Bremen and Bremerhaven are organized by the “Studierendenwerk Bremen”. In order to rent a room, you need to apply for it by using the corresponding form on their website and sending it via e-mail.



Accommodation in Bremerhaven | Studierendenwerk Bremen (

For general requests please contact

+49 421 22 01 - 1 01 29 or


Another option is to rent a room in a shared apartment (Wohngemeinschaft/ WG) where you live together with other students in an ordinary apartment and share the costs. This is very popular with local and international students, as you get the opportunity to get to know local habits and culture as well as being part of the local students’ scene.

AStA der Hochschule Bremerhaven

WG-gesucht (shared apartments)


Finally, of course, you can rent your own apartment offered by a private landlord or a specialized housing company. Usually, these apartments are not furnished, but bigger than ordinary student rooms. If you are interested in this option, the International Office can provide you with useful contacts.



In the case that you have any doubt or question related to accommodation, tenancy agreements or policies, do not hesitate to contact the staff of the International Office!