International cooperations

For more than 40 years, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences maintains cooperation agreements with partner universities around the globe. The number of cooperation partners could be increased steadily over the past years and amounts to over 100 partner universities worldwide at the moment.


The content of the different cooperation agreements is diverse and made up of different components. Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences supports its partners in establishing and designing pertinent study programmes, for example. In addition, a constant exchange of information about existing study programmes takes place. When participating in joint research and development projects, the partners profit from the strenghts and experiences of the other which helps them reach their mutual goal.

Through mutual visits of delegations and guest teaching periods abroad, the partners gain a first impression of the organisation of the partner university, the partner country and its culture. During these gatherings, existing exchange study programmes are further developed or new ones are creates. This is the basis for an active study exchange in the future.

In the context of international seminars and conferences, guests from around the world come to Bremerhaven on a regular basis. These events enable the university's research and study programmes to adjust themselves towards global trends and to find their place within the regional economy as well as on the global market.