Non-EU applicants

Non-EU Applicants

University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven is a member of UNI-ASSIST. The core task of UNI-ASSIST is the evaluation of international school/university certificates in regard to their equivalence to German school/university degrees. University applicants who have obtained their higher education entrance qualification/first degree in a non-EU member country must always also apply via UNI-ASSIST. In the event of a positive examination result, UNI-ASSIST forwards the application electronically to the university.

Please note that the deadline for PEET applications for winter semester 2022/23 is June 30th and for all other bachelor's and master's programmes the deadline is July 15th!

UNI-ASSIST charges handling costs for processing and assessing application documents. All relevant information on the application process, costs and a helpful FAQ are available on this website:

The application period is expected to start at the End of May 2022!
Please apply via UNI-ASSIST as early as possible. Send in your documents and make your payment right afterwards. This ensures that UNI-ASSIST can inform you in time if you need to submit further documents.