Research and transfer unit

“All theory is grey”, it says in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust. The University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven starts the education with basics as well. However, as a University of Applied Sciences it places great value on practical relevance. In addition to the practical work in modern equipped laboratories, the students can participate in practical research and development projects at the university. The close cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven and the economy is obvious.

At the basic study stage, the student project teams start to look for solutions for very specific economic questions already. This takes place in cooperation with - and sometimes even in - companies in the region. For the completion of degree’s thesis, most of the students go to regional and national enterprises to work on their topics there. Lots of them are employed by the companies after the graduation. After the Bachelor’s programme, an intensive involvement in applied research is expected in Master’s study.

For students the “adventure of business” is often linked to many new impressions. Suddenly, in addition to science it is also about secrecy, invention rights, responsibility for results or rights of the Bachelor’s thesis. What does it mean to sign this contract? Who can help us when negotiating with the business? To assist the students and the supervising lecturers, Research and Transfer Unit was set up at the university. Research and Transfer Unit serves as an interface between science and administration as well as between business and university. It clarifies formal questions and supports negotiations. It brings important parties together in order to solve problems quickly and comprehensively. It is the first contact point for companies that wish for competent support from the university and it brings enterprises with the faculties of the university together.

The Research and Transfer Unit also advises and supports those students who develop the idea of self-employment during the progressive study. Initial questions concerning business plan, funding possibilities, tips for good positioning canbe answered here. The unit has close contact with BRIGDE which is an association for the promotion of academic establishment of enterprises, the Bremerhaven Economic Development Company Ltd. (BIS) and the Bremer Aufbaubank. In this way, ideas can be tested quickly for their viability and brought on the right track. Instead of suffering from shipwreck, the students should be able to anchor in a safe harbour with self-employment. Moreover, the unit helps scientific working groups with the preparation of research proposals. At the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, there are many areas in which “frontiers” of sciences are practiced: for example, the fk-wind:, a research institute providing scientific support for the development of wind energy or the IMARE, an institute which works closely together with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz-Centre in the field of polar and marine research and other companies, the wind-AG, the ROV-AG as well as student working groups who engage in the development of wind energy turbines or under water vehicles operating independently. All of these show that research, development and transfer at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven are not only a slogan, but concrete reality.