What is the purpose of the Students Union? And what sense does a Students Union make at a small university?

It should first of all be mentioned that the Students Union is elected by the Students Council. The Students Council is at the same time the controlling body of the Students Union. The elections take place annually and at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences 11 so-called "officers" are currently appointed. These range from President and Deputy President to officers for Finance, Sport, Grants/Social Affairs or Public Relations to Culture and other matters.

In general it can be said that the Students Union represents the interests of the students. On the basis of the topics listed above, it can be seen in which areas the greatest need for information arises and where problems occur. The aim of the various officers is to ensure optimum support for the students and their concerns.

It is precisely at a small university that a Students Union makes good sense. The close contact between professors and students, that is the human interrelationships, by contrast to an anonymous university, can naturally also lead to conflict. However, the Students Union does not just help to find solutions to points of conflict but also mediates ideas and suggestions from students.

The meetings of the Students Union take place weekly and are open to the public, the members always have an open ear and are happy to help wherever possible.

Detailed information, descriptions of activities etc. can be found under AStA-Homepage.