Internet, network and computer (ZBRV)

Internet, e-learning and computer networks - computer has now become common place among students. The spectrum used for the teaching and research communication by professors and students ranges from online search to server-based distribution and provision of course materials and teaching modules. At the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, it is the Central Computer Unit (ZBRV) who is responsible for the administration and development of the infrastructure of the network and electronic data processing.

Even before the study begins, newly enrolled students can register online to apply for the access to different services of ZBRV. The services include an email account, an e-learning server account and the access to pool-PCs as well as Wi-Fi on the campus of the university. With the key card the students can use pool-PCs and self-study rooms at any time. Furthermore, the ZBRV makes password-protected tools, plug-ins and freeware available for download for students and university members and offers technical support and counselling in the field of hardware and software, e-learning and IT-oriented projects.