The Library at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

 Whether reading books in a cozy corner, working on homework  in a quiet atomsphere or browsing in the database to search for new information sources – all of these are possible in the library at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.

Lots of students are quite surprised when they learn what the library offers. 

Not only are the students provided with approximately 70,000 books in various fields and 120 journals, but also they have access to more than 400,000 E-books.

Moreover, 52000 E-Journals and professional database providing sufficient scientific information and evidences are available for further research. All of these can be found via the search engine of the State and University Library Bremen. However, there is more:

  • PC-workplaces  in the gallery…which is also opened outside normal opening hours of the library

  • Books can be ordered from the University Library Bremen to Bremerhaven

  • Access to electronic media via VPN around the clock from anywhere

  • For students who are willing to know how E-Books, E- Journals, professional database and literature administration program work, we also organize trainings.  

Corona virus

Due to the risk situation in connection with the Corona virus, all locations of the Bremen State and University Library remain closed for on-site use until further notice.

The sub-library at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is not available as a learning location.

From Monday, May 11th you can email via

Order books (maximum 10 volumes per order day).

So that we can process your orders quickly and without additional research, please give the title / author – shelf mark of the book - your name - your library card number.

We will inform you by email about your pick-up date.

Pick-up dates will initially be assigned Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 14:00.

 During this time you can also hand in books, without return receipts.The library staff will only return the media after 24 hours.

Please make use of this return option. You can return due media without reminders until June 5.

From Mon, June 8th onwards, reminders will be sent again at a charge.

Fees cannot be paid at the moment.

Of course you can renew media that are not reserved by others as usual. Currently you can renew up to eight online renewals to regular loans via your user account.


It is still no possibility to order the books of the University Library for delivery to Bremerhaven.

It is still no possibility to order Bremerhaven books for delivery to the University Library of Bremen.

Current information on the use of SuUB Bremen and all locations can be found on the SuUB homepage

If you have any questions, please write a message to the email address

The staff of the Bremerhaven library can be reached by phone on 0471 4823 249

(Quelle: TB BHV)
(Quelle: TB BHV)

Training/ Workshop

Details of the Traning / Workshop in German. 

If you are interested in the training/ workshop in English, please contact  us or contact Ms. Schmidt by E-mail: