Psychological Counselling Service

With the study one enters a phase of life in which important personal changes take place in addition to professional education. Old friendships are replaced by new ones and one may be far away from the parents- partnerships change and a longer-term social and professional plan have to be set up. Performance pressures or unclear requirements during the study often trigger self-doubt. If the problems appear to be unsolvable, the Psychological Counselling Service run by the Student Services Bremen (Studierendenwerk Bremen) can help. In addition to direct difficulties (such as work difficulties, examination fears), very personal problems (such as identity crises, depression, and crisis with partners) can also be brought up here.

Experienced employees with psychological education background work in the counselling centres. Of course the counselling is free of charge and bound by the duty of confidentiality.






Doris Moormann

Psychological Counselling

Open Office Hour:  Di:   12 – 13 Uhr



Please contact the "Psychologische Beratungsstelle" (PBS) in Bremen to get an appointment: T. 0421 2201 11310.   



There ist also a helpfully podcast about "Selfmanagement for international students in Corona-times" here





BHV: Tel.: 0471 / 4823-310 (Di. 12.00 -13.00)                                                                                      House C, Room C22, access via „campus kids“                                                                         Email:pbs(at)

HB: For further information and appointments you can also contact:
Studierendenwerk Bremen AöR
Psychologische Beratungsstelle (PBS)
Bibliothekstr. 7, 28359 Bremen
Tel.:   0421 - 2201 11310
Fax:   0421 - 2201 21390

Office hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Wed 2 - 4 p.m.