To study successfully with GUUGLE

GUUGLE is an acronym for the university-wide programme" gut und gerne lernen & lehren" - which can be translated as "enjoying excellent learning and teaching". Aiming to further improve learning and teaching conditions, GUUGLE offers a range of support to students and lecturers at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.

Many students find it quite difficult to get used to study and to adapt to the university world. Learning and working methods, which were helpful at school, are no longer suitable for university. Exam time can be very stressful, especially when timemanagement does not fit the learning plan. GUUGLE can help in this context: GUUGLE supports students from all academic disciplines and offers students individual advice concerning learning and studying related questions and challenges. Students can also count on the support of so-called student peercoaches in case of questions and problems regarding studying and living in Bremerhaven. If students are interested, they can also be trained to become coaches themselves and help other students in Peer Coaching Programme.

GUUGLE counts on the active participation of students to improve their learning and studying conditions. Therefore, students have the possibility to develop their own projects in small groups, implement them with the support of GUUGLE, and can even acquire credit points for that. However, not only students, but also lectures engage themselves in GUUGLE activities and GUUGLE supports them with specialized training and consultation to foster the application of new teaching and examination methods and thus to facilitate successful studying.