The advancing climate change and the demand for a sustainable use of resources lead to an increasing use of renewable energies in energy supply. There are the highest  expectation for wind energy which has developed into an economic sector with large potential for innovation and future, among others, in the coastal region of northern germany. Main driver of this growth is the offshore wind parks in the north Sea and Baltic Sea.

The fk-wind: Institute for Wind Energy at the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven contributes significantly to the image of the state of Bremen as a centre for the research and the education of wind energy. The Institute offers an interface between teaching, researching and application to make sure that the potential of wind energy in northern Germany is fully explored. In close cooperation with the study course Maritime Technology and Wind Energy Technology, the institute carries out application-oriented researches following the motto “to understand wind energy plant as a whole”. The fk-wind deals primarily with: loading assumption, structures, rotor-aerodynamics, structures and icing of rotor blades, sensor and measurement engineering, monitoring of loading, operating and environmental conditions, marine and offshore technology, recycling and life cycle assessment as well as the optimization of wind energy plants. By means of research workshops, energy colloquia, counselling, training and further education offers, the fk-wind: supports the knowledge transfer in the industry and teaching.